Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Graduate Fashion Week

My Portfolio

The second issue co-edited by Naomi Brown and Rebecca Blanchard
Front cover image styled by ME! and photographed by Liam Saxton

An image from a shoot with Dave Imms

First Issue of Book 77

A spread from my sketch book made one of the posters at the show... it was just a little review on a day I spent looking around the Tate and the Design Museum. I actually didn't even realise it was my work when I first looked at the poster..I did it so long ago

An Image from a shoot I did for the second issue of Book 77

Still Life shoot with Dave Imms

This is some of my work that has been shown at GFW!
I'm really pleased I went to see it and help out today. I saw Susie Bubble look through my portfolio!

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  1. No wonder SB was browsing through, what amaze me too is the quality of your work. Congrats!