Friday, 30 October 2009


I need to go searching for some woolly's, its starting to get chilly. The cardigan I'm wearing in this picture was my old house mate Natalie's, it was the softest thing in the world. I remember her saying it was from topshop, I hope they still sell it! its been a year.


We have mice! Well one has been spotted and court. He was very cute, but as we have 2 other little friends now, 2 hamsters Lauren and i adopted from our mate Jen (and Ryan) a couple of days ago, there isn't much room for little Trevor the mouse.

Today is hand in! The work for this huge project ive been doing, working as a stylist for a magazine. Ive had to do 5 shoots (i will add them to my blog at some point)
5 shoots...In 5 weeks!!! Its been a bit mental.