Saturday, 7 November 2009


The first shoot i ever did...all by myself and you can tell. I still think the pictures are pretty, considering i was the photographer.


My new polka dot jump suit, first outing ...Halloween. Thanks for these pictures Becca, fellow blogger.

Back from Brighton

Ive spent a lovely couple of days in Brighton, eating...various things that go on toast, walking around the lanes, watching Southpark..(every time i watch it i forget how funny i find it, although red wine may have lubricated my sence of humor some what) Also listening to Turncoat the boys (Dave) brothers band. Ive been singing along to a song that got stuck in my head allll day!

Ive been trying to write my dissertation draft, it hasn't been going well, about 1000 words down, 4000 more to go!