Tuesday, 28 April 2009


I found out today that Buck a mens style magazine (i dont care if it was for men it was still amazing) has gone online, so no more real, touchable copys will be sold. Tania my house mate brought buck to my attention when it first came out, its a sad story that it has folded after just 3 issues. The recession is hitting mens magazines hard. Lets just hope we can keep the rest of the magazine industry afloat by buying them all, i know im doing my bit!!!

Fantastic man

This was a shoot i was involved in for a uni project, mixing tailoring and sportswear. We did it for our own copy of Fantastic man magazine.

London street style

Cheque... them out (forgive me for my awful humor), I took these standing outside urban outfitters in oxford street.

Gun Boy?

I fell in love with these trousers at first sight, so well tailored, the hunting breeches look? can be really unflattering. I think these are the exception. I got them from a stall in Camden about a month ago they haven't had many outings because of the weather mainly, but with spring here, i can finally get my pale ankles out. Another find was this old leather satchel, hidden in the back of a charity shop, tartan on the inside and soft oak coloured leather on the outside. Best of all it only cost £6.50! One of my proudest finds.
Ive come back from narnia to the beautiful medway, to find pregnant teenagers, chavs and broken glass on every corner. Easter was really good, in a getting up and going to work....and then sleeping for the rest of the day..kinda way. But however rough and grotty Chatham may be it's full of life and people, a stark contrast to the little village i left. x

smoking glasses

shes a jumper